Frequently Asked Questions

Our expert Technical Hotline staff has collected the most frequent questions and answers here to help you plan and install your new floor.

If you have any questions during your application, call our Technical Hotline at 586 344 3469 to speak to one of our experts. Our Technical Hotline hours are M-F 5pm -9 pm, Sat. and Sun. 12pm – 9pm EST.

Can my Metallic Epoxy be used for other surfaces other than concrete?
Yes you can coat concrete, wood, tile or metal where direct UV exposure is not present.

With new or uncoated concrete, do I have to prepare the surface? Yes. You have to remove contaminants/latent’s and create a profile for the coating to properly bond. Shotblasting and/or Diamond Grinding is preferred for industrial, commercial and residential or institutional floors where the prep solution is ineffective.

Should I power wash my floor?
It does help to power wash the floor to remove surface contaminants to loose coatings or debris. It does not eliminate the normal preparation steps, which we specify. Power washing removes contaminants but does not create the necessary profile for coatings proper adhesion.

How can I remove dried Metallic Coat from driveway concrete?
We recommend using a safe paint stripper (home use). You can also use a power washer or hand held diamond grinder to remove this stripper.

What do I do if the prep solution does not effectively profile my floor?
You can purchase muriatic acid and re-etch the floor or diamond grind the surface.

Can I use Meyallic Coat indoors and on basement floors?
Yes, Metallic Coat is safe and approved for indoor use. There are no VOC fumes.

Are there any other special requirements for indoor applications?
If your indoor floor, such as a basement concrete is in poor condition and needs to be prepped with a muriatic acid treatment, you will need a floor drain and ventilation. The muriatic acid does need to be rinsed down the drain and does produce some odors that must be ventilated.

Does the concrete need to be cleaned before using the clean & prep solution?
Yes, if there is contamination it must be removed.

How long does the standard coating take to apply?
Approximately 3 hours total for a normal garage.